Return or Exchanges? All products are final sale. We do not accept returns or exchanges. If you are needing assistance with your products or have a question relating to this issue, please still contact us via email at Jamfreshco@gmail.com.
How long to the candles last? Typically, 35-40 hours. If properly taken care of, they may last longer. We have tested our own batch of candles and found different burn times per candle.
How strong is the scents? Our scents are made mainly with essential oils which also means they have a lighter scent than fragrance oils and a lighter hot throw scent, meaning when lite up they don't smell potent. Our scents are created specifically to carry a light aroma but still enough to linger throughout a room. Please let this be known that we do not carry strong scented candles like other big branded company's(ex: Bath & Body). Still being new, we are always testing new products and trying to create naturally resourced ingrediants.
Shipping? Most domestic shipping in the US should take no more than a turnaround time of 5-8 business days from the day you receive an email that your package is on the way! If there is any damage to your package, please contact the shipping carrier first with your shipping products details and/or you can send an email to us and we can help you.
What does "Hand-made" mean? This means the product is created by hand ONLY, most likely will also mean some minor imperfections such as unevenness, discoloration, raw concrete material texture that may be extra dull or sharp, leftover dust residue, un-centered wick, spill over wax spots, chipped or breakage in paint or colors. This should not affect the performance of the candle. Being hand-made means they may not get to you in perfect machinery designs, even then there is always some room for errors. If you notice anything extreme with your hand-made product, please don't hesitate to reach out through the "Contact Us" link.
What is the ingredients and where do they come from? Most, all, the ingredients are listed under the product(s) description and mainly come from other small business that derive their own products, some locally, and also from other verified candle supplying companies. Our scents are created, mixed and blended at the home location of Jamfresh co. and tested before individually introduced and sold.
Packaging breakdown? Jamfresh co. strives to be as co-friendly and sustainable as possible. We love to re-use our shipping materials and created packages without plastic. We buy as locally as we can from companies that are green and sell biodegradable supplies. Green is our way and thats how it'll stay!
If you have any questions, again don't hesitate to contact us! Customer service is important and ultimately my goal so let's have a conversation about any questions you have. We want you to love our business and products overall and be apart of our community in the future. Jamfresh co. is not responsible for any injuries obtained or for any broken products after being delivered to the customer.