About Us

Hello there, my name is Lillian Jamfar and I am the owner and creater of Jamfresh co. Jamfresh is a small shop that was created in 2021, in the middle of an ongoing global pandemic. When I started this shop, it first came out to me as an idea, nothing more. An idea I would only dream of doing because being a full-time, freshly single mother, then add a fully running business, is not really what I pictured in my life. My dreams keep me up at night and my heart was telling me what I needed to do, so then I searched the words "start a candle business" and it was the beginning of an amazing journey. Now, here is the real life creation of a dream.

So you ask why candles? I'll respond with why not candles? Candles have the power to change a mood, it is a vibe in itself, having a rough day, come home and light a candle, a Jamfresh candle that is–

As a woman of color, with a multi-racial background, a stigmatized upbringing is it my duty and responsibility to find my place in the world, along with my community, and to show how hard-working and creative I can be when I'm passionate about my work. I love creating candles, but I love creating artwork by hand even more so. I know Jamfresh co will be a thriving business and I want nothing more but to share my magic with you all.

For whatever reason, THANK YOU for being here and supporting us, enjoy your shopping!